Little off the unbeaten path of my usual posts but I wanted to share my experience with the whole home buying process as a first time home buyer.

I chose Matt Thomas, Broker/Owner of Thomas Group Realty, as my buying agent. As a first time home buyer, having a buying agent was definitely helpful with questions about the market and other items we just weren’t sure of. Some would argue there’s no need to have one but if you value your time, having someone that will organize some showings for you and prepare a day of listings to look at, a buying agent is something you should take into consideration.

We looked at a home we had seen previously on our own during a parade of homes in Finley Woods built by Norfleet Homes but at the time just weren’t prepared to make the jump up to that higher budget. However, while saving up for a home purchase, we realized that the things we liked would require an increased budget. We saw it again with Matt and fell in love and knew it had to be ours.

The Negotiation

This is the part that can be very stressful. If you’re prepared to walk away, you certainly have an upperhand in the negotiations. What I mean by that is if you’re always willing to walk away from a home, you can wait until everything is the way you want it to be. However, we fell too much in love with the home so we were in it to win it. We came in with what we felt was a very strong offer and while it wasn’t accepted immediately, we eventually found the sweet spot and the home was ours.

The Loan Application

Everyone told me to be prepared to have my life choices questioned and my financial records investigated. Maybe it was the over exaggeration of these claims from others that made it seem very easy and simple in comparison. The application process was very smooth and getting approved wasn’t that bad at all. I think I had everything I needed to do done within 10 days which helped save me some at closing too.

The Closing

Everything was going so smooth that there was bound to be a hiccup. That happened at closing. We tried to close a little early and that’s when things got a little bumpy. We had to wait and close on our original closing date but the title company certainly went above and beyond and made up for the mishap to leave me with nothing but smiles. Jessica Cowart with Keller Williams, the listing agent for the property, was nothing but a pleasure to work with during the process as well. I have nothing but high praises for all involved in helping us get our first home: my agent, listing agent, builder and the title company.

Now I’m having to tell myself to stop looking at other listings. But my wife and I are very excited and happy with our first home purchase and can’t wait to get moved in (just a few more days) and get settled down.


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