How many times have you heard this when someone is trying to sell you on why to use their company/service/product?

We have the best customer service!

It might seem like a good selling point but the fact of the matter is, it doesn’t mean anything. That’s right, saying “we have good customer service” doesn’t mean anything and is a terrible way to sell a service or product.

Now, hold on, that doesn’t mean good customer service shouldn’t be given or that you should not care about customer service, it’s very, very important. In fact, customer service is a reason many people choose to do business with a company because of their reputation with customers. The problem is, anyone can say this and most do try to use this line so it doesn’t mean as much when you say it from the company side.

Sure, mentioning reviews and social media posts can go along way to show that you have great customer service but it still doesn’t cut it. There’s probably a good bit of you knowing exactly where I’m heading with this next part which is great but it’s time to start using it.

Quantifiable Statements

Which statement is more compelling: “We have great customer service” or “Ninety-five percent of our business comes from referrals”? One says it the other shows it. 95% of business doesn’t come from referrals through mediocre customer service.

This seems like common sense and most topics like this will come off as common sense. The difficulty is in the application of the information. It’s easy to sit here and make statements arbitrarily about businesses and what they should do. Each business is different but you should be able to come up with a quantifiable statement that helps either give you a competitive advantage or several quantifiable statements that support your selling points you’ve been using. If you can’t come up with them, there could be a chance you’re making up selling points to your customers just to close a deal and they’re going to be very unhappy with you later.

I highly recommend reading Creating Competitive Advantage by Jaynie Smith and William Flanagan for more detail into quantifiable statements as well as ways to articulate your competitive advantages over the competition.


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