Hey there! My name is Mat but my friends call me Mouchens. I'm a digital marketing professional in the Gainesville, Florida area.

When I'm not working or planning the next big idea, I enjoy spending time with my amazing wife and daughter. When they get tired of me, I spend my time playing video games and being addicted to fantasy football.

I work very hard to stay up-to-date on all aspects of digital marketing, particularly those listed on the right side of this page. The landscape is constantly shifting, which means I'm constantly learning.

You'll see none of my bars are 100% full because I don't believe that anyone can ever be at 100% in any of these categories.

(Well, my sense of humor is at 100%, and that can be confirmed by my daughter, who laughs at all my jokes.)




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Jan 2014 - Present

Houchens Consulting


Gainesville, FL is a small town and word travels fast about a digital expert in the area. I created this company to organize freelance and side jobs into legal entity as well as putting all my side projects under one roof. From web design and development to SEO, I work with local and national clients to help bring their A game.  Below are some highlights of things I’m working or worked on.

Gaming is a passion of mine. It opened the door of digital marketing to me and it’s something I’ve been looking to find a way to get back into for some time. I’ve recently begun development on a web application called Party Up. The premise is to connect gamers who are near them with each other to help improve the online experience of gaming and to forge long lasting friendships. More information coming on this project soon.

Thomas Group Realty is a Gainesville real estate company that I used to purchase my own home but also a client I help with local SEO and other digital marketing opportunities. Some may have just said to themselves, I see what you did there.

Rent Gainesville Apartments (RGA) is a personal project of mine dedicated to helping local people in Gainesville find the perfect apartment. We are the “new kids on the block” and already deliver the results that large national brands bring in just over a years time. As a platinum sponsor for the local apartment association, RGA is becoming a household name with property managers of apartment communities across town in Gainesville, FL.

NYeC was a project that was referred to me by another colleague due to my experience with creating websites. The New York eHealth Collaborative was looking for a refreshed look on their site that was also in line with modern development capabilities such as responsive design. Restructuring their content and presenting in a way that was more accessible by users to find the information easier was a very high priority.

In addition to these jobs, there are a number of consultations given for how to manage social media, best practices of on-page optimization for SEO or what makes a good google ad. Perhaps you need someone to just bounce ideas off of and flesh out concepts, I love to do this. Brainstorming and coming up with ideas is one of the most entertaining processes there is in the marketing industry and do this all the time with my clients.

Sep 2010 - Present

Infinite Energy

Digital Marketing Manager

20 Local ADDY Awards and 2 District ADDY Awards

Web: I serve as the product owner for our web development team to design the best user experience possible for customers signing up online and managing their accounts. To deliver on that goal, it’s my responsibility to keep up with the newest technology for both front-facing and back-end software.

We have also created an API to allow third-party sites to directly tie into our rate service and deliver real time results to potential customers, thus increasing our channel sales.

Marketing: I work with an award-winning team of designers, copywriters, analysts and coordinators who are second to none. We work as a cohesive unit to deliver top-notch direct mail and digital communication that has put our customer satisfaction numbers well above other retailers, not just in our industry but in other retail industries too.

Google: When we formed the marketing department, there was a critical piece missing from Infinite Energy’s website: No one could find it if they didn’t search by company name. We quickly changed that and went from not being ranked within Google’s first five pages of results for high-volume search terms to securing a place on the first page of results.

In conjunction with SEO efforts, I implemented a plan for SEM and CPC campaigns to accompany organic traffic. This resulted in decreasing our CPA by nearly 70% from previous campaigns ran prior to joining the marketing team.

Jul 2014 - Present

Advertising Federation of Gainesville

Board Member

I was asked to join the board for the local Advertising Federation to assist in my areas of expertise with digital marketing and communication. I joined because I was born and raised in Gainesville, Florida and the ability to give back to the community and local businesses through my professional experience was an honor for me so of course I joined.

I currently serve on the board for Digital and Communications. In this role, I assist the President in making sure that all upcoming events are properly communicated to interested members through our email list, website and Facebook. Our open rates on email blasts have increased on average 25% since taking over the email communication. A future goal is to re-design the website to deliver a more modern and professional feel to the organization.

Mar 2009 - Jun 2013

Surge Marketing Group

Managing Partner & Co-Founder

For a more full portfolio of SURGE’s work of web design, please visit the website.  Below are a highlight of a few major accomplishments with Surge:

I Play COD (IPC) came to be from a passion of just playing the game. What started off as just a Facebook page in Q4 of 2009 quickly turned into something much more. We quickly became the largest voice for the Call of Duty franchise in a very short time.  The community grew so rapidly that monthly impressions across all networks quickly surpassed the 5 million mark becoming the largest Call of Duty community within 1 year.  In addition to growing the Facebook page over 500,000 likes, IPC also surpassed 50,000 forum members and over 25,000 Twitter followers with nearly 4 million views just on YouTube.

WE R MMA was another project born out of passion for the sport of MMA.  What started as just a fun idea to do blog posts quickly turned into a business selling MMA apparel and gear.  We were the exclusive seller of the Throwdown Cage Bed which took off virally and landed on Jim Rome’s show, Maxim magazine, Woot, front page of Reddit and Yahoo! as well as many other articles and appearances.  In addition to this viral product, we sold 100’s of other products on our 3D Cart website as well as an eBay store.

Maximum Slim came from word of mouth of how well we had done with previous projects.  We successfully re-branded the company with a more professional look and website behind a shopping cart software. In addition to the web design, we delivered over 15,000 likes to their Facebook page in less than 5 days targeted to those who were interested in Green Coffee without advertising at all. We used an offer of a free sample to entice customers to like the page and then set up drip campaigns from the sample offer to convert these likes into paying customers.

Party Up

Party Up

New York eHealth Collaborative

New York eHealth Collaborative

Rent Gainesville Apartments

Rent Gainesville Apartments

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